Director Desk

Education is the base of life. It is the fundamental right of everyone also I think – “Education is not a preparation of life, education is life itself”. At present, parents are concerned for better education and bright future of their children. We assure you that D.V.M. school committed / resoluted to provide not only the best but quality education with all moral values also for everyone. You can trust us for the bright future of your child. Our motto is – “quality education with less expenditure”. The real purpose of education is to create better human beings. A good education is a high road to personal and national progress. The school aims at drawing out what is best in the child through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities, a desire to learn, not just in the classroom, but all the time making it an ongoing process through life. At D.V.M. school Hodal, the uniqueness of each child is recognized, nurtured and treasured. Emphases are on ‘Learning and not on teaching’. Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens with tolerance, respect, and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a lifetime learning experience. They should be self – motivated, independent, confident decisions makes to take up leadership roles in the future. It is our endeavour to establish a quality – conscious school where –

  • Modernity is fortified by tradition.
  • Excellence is driven by value.
  • Success is strengthened by ethics.

We assure you that D.V.M. is the place where the dream are converted into reality. We trust in perfection and co-operation.

With kind regards

Mr. Surender Pal


Dayanand Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School